FAST Biryani was founded on a simple concept of serving fine gourmet Indian (Hyderabadi) cuisine at an affordable price. We specialize in a cuisine that comes from a very culturally distinct city in southern India known as Hyderabad. Once a princely state that had been ruled by the Nizam’s dynasty for generations. Hyderabadi cuisine has royal origins and was served in the ‘Darbar’ (royal gathering) during the time. At FAST Biryani, we have embraced the traditional methods used to prepare authentic Hyderabadi dishes. We use the finest ingredients from aromatic long grain rice to saffron that assure quality and taste are their optimal level. Our unique blend of spices, enhances and provides just the right flavor, to continue the Nizam’s tradition of Flavorful, Aromatic, Spicy and Tasteful (FAST) Hyderabadi cuisine.

  • Fine gourmet food at affordable price and casual setting
  • Food that has royal origins (Darbari food)
  • Exquisite spices and finest ingredients (basmati rice, saffron, and unique blend of spices)
  • We specialize in Mughlai and Hyderabadi dishes
  • Our flavor is a result of food symphony– a perfect combination of — balanced spice, proportioned preparation method and the right ratio of ingredients
  • Our recipes have been passed down from generations

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